Therry Miranda

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About me

I code because I enjoy it. Ever since I started writing my first lines of code, I was certain that with some time and dedication, I could create practically anything.

I have 5 years of experience as a software developer and I see it as a tool to create solutions that help people solve problems efficiently. I have created different types of applications to solve multiple problems, always thinking about code maintainability and scalability.

Among other things, I can contribute:

  • I focus on writing readable, decoupled and maintainable code, applying SOLID principles and promoting good practices within the team.
  • With strong skills in Javascript, Typescript, Next.js, and React Native, I excel at building high-performance, intuitive user interfaces.
  • I have built complex backends with Node.js, handling authentication, MongoDB, Postgres and Redis databases, as well as creating REST, GraphQL and TRCP APIs.
  • With solid knowledge in CSS, SASS, Tailwind and Styled Components, designing detailed user interfaces with Figma and Zeplin. Configuration and creation of stories in Storybook.
  • Experience in developing unit tests with Jest, Vitest, RTL. As well as E2E testing with Cypress and web scrapping with Playwright or cheerio.
  • Experience working in agile environments, managing Git, GitHub, Bit bucket, Jira.
  • Ability to deploy static pages and servers on VPS, Clusters or AWS EC2 instances. Using Docker, Docker Compose, PM2, Nginx and Let's Encrypt certificate generation.
  • Experience using tools such as GitHub Actions or Bamboo. Configuration of workflows for testing, deploy, publication of npm packages and self-hosted runners.

Beyond technical skills, I believe in the value of building strong relationships, inspiring others, and working in harmony toward a common goal. Behind every line of code is a person passionate about teamwork and constant personal growth who enjoys translating complex ideas into concrete actions to motivate others towards shared success.

I see empathy and adaptability as fundamental pillars, as I believe in the importance of understanding and giving value to the perspectives of others. I continue to cultivate my ability to remain calm under pressure without losing creativity, allowing me to face each new challenge with confidence and determination.

One of my favorite quotes is:

" There is someone so intelligent that they learn from the experience of others. - Voltaire "